My Philosophy

I believe that individuals can learn in many different ways, and that there is more to success than just intelligence or hard work, and I approach teaching with this understanding. Students can excel in my classes if they are clever, or if they are hard working, although I try reserve the highest marks for those who exhibit both intelligence and diligence. In all of my classes I give a diversity of assignments to allow the particular skills of each student to be expressed. For example, I give exams, written assignments, and an opportunity for presentation or group work that may have a creative component, all of which are important professional skills. I have chosen to structure my own career around practical questions of disease transmission, but I recognize that advances in all fields often come from unexpected sources, and I strive to foster a general appreciation for learning in my students. I wish to instill in them the ability to think, not what to think.

Photo (R): Greg Gray copywrite 2015


Classes Taught