Well, it has been a long while since we updated vectorecology.org.  Sometimes, personal life intervenes, and updates took a back-burner for the last 9 months.  But, time to shake off the dust.  So, I will start with this image of Culex egg rafts in a stagnant pool, part of an artificial creek.  The egg rafts are [...]

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Mosquito Byte app is live!

My research focuses on filth flies. One of the benefits of working with filth flies is that I don’t have to worry about welts suddenly popping up on my legs and arms if one of them escapes. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, are clever little punks that know how to sniff me out – whether [...]

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Entomologists in Space?

In the early days of space exploration we know that monkeys and dogs had been launched into space, but did you know that our six-legged friends have also made that journey into the outer reaches? According to Wikipedia and NASA’s History of Animals in Space, 18 different insects have been sent to space since 1960. [...]

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What’s in a Name?

Among the insects, it would be hard to say there is a single group of more importance to humans than the mosquitoes. Oh, to be fair bees (and all pollinators) are wonderful, necessary parts of our agroecosystems, and there are many herbivorous insects (and their predators) that impact agriculture. But for a single family, the [...]

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Sleeping in the Garden of Eden

I am actually on vacation at the end of this week in the Bay area, staying with close family friends of my wife near Palo Alto. We eat outside, sleep with screen-less windows open, and generally enjoy this soft climate. As a mosquito biologist, however, one always wonders what dangers lurk in the unseen containers [...]

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