Reiskind Lab

michael_reiskind_bioMichael Reiskind
Assistant Professor of Entomology

martha_reiskindMartha Burford Reiskind
Assistant Professor of Applied Ecology

shawn_janairoShawn Janairo

kirsten_hopperstad_reiskind_labKristen Hopperstad
PhD Graduate Student

carrie_de_jesus_reiskind_labCarrie De Jesus
Former MS Graduate Student, now alumna

meredith_spence_reiskind_labMeredith Spence
PhD Graduate Student

Kim Hung
Postdoctoral Researcher

We’re accepting new graduate students to the lab.

Research Assistants

undergraduate_reiskind_labHannah Jenkins
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Thomas Ohmen
Undergraduate Research Assistant

undergraduate_reiskind_labThomas Pleasant
Research Assistant

Dakota_FireflyDakota Palacio
Undergraduate Research Assistant

undergraduate_reiskind_labCole Keenan
Undergraduate Research Assistant

undergraduate_reiskind_labAshley Walker
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Interested in Joining Our Lab?

Opportunities exist for graduate studies in entomology in my lab. Currently, we have one post-doc available for work on filth flies in collaboration with Dr. Wes Watson. I currently do not have funding for other post-doctoral positions, but I am happy to assist in efforts to procure funding to work on vector biology. If you are interested in either graduate studies or post-doctoral opportunities, please contact me: