Reiskind Lab

michael_reiskind_bioMichael Reiskind
Assistant Professor of Entomology

martha_reiskindMartha Burford Reiskind
Assistant Professor of Applied Ecology

shawn_janairoShawn Janairo

kirsten_hopperstad_reiskind_labKristen Hopperstad
PhD Graduate Student

meredith_spence_reiskind_labMeredith Spence
PhD Graduate Student

ann_carr_reiskind_labAnn Carr
Postdoctoral Researcher

anastasia_figurskey_reiskind_labAnastasia Figurskey
Laboratory Technician

We’re accepting new graduate students to the lab.

Research Assistants

Interested in Joining Our Lab?

Opportunities exist for graduate studies in entomology in my lab. Currently, we have one post-doc available for work on filth flies in collaboration with Dr. Wes Watson. I currently do not have funding for other post-doctoral positions, but I am happy to assist in efforts to procure funding to work on vector biology. If you are interested in either graduate studies or post-doctoral opportunities, please contact me: